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Entertaining answer the dating pool in your 40s valuable answer

The 30s Dating Pool Sucks

By the time you get into your 40s, if you have the misfortune to find yourself in the dating pool, let me just tell you: It's a shit show. Sorry, maybe that was too harsh. I'll tone it down a bit. It's like being thrown in a serial killer's basement well.

Tip 2 Fill your own cup first You cannot expect someone else to be the sole provider of your happiness. You need to do some work on yourself before diving into the pool. Do the work first. Take the time to reflect, learn who you are and what you want, then get back out there. We all have our quirks, and you might be inclined to hide those, but those quirks are what make you, YOU.

I promise you, the right guy will adore those unique qualities about you, so just be you. Tip 8 Stop saying dating sucks What we say, think, and feel creates the energy we put out into the world. Be true to you, and you will find success - however you define that! How to Change Everything, without Changing a Thing! Facing Fears and Kicking Booty. You can really only get away with this if you're George Clooney.

You can tell them right off the bat though, because even on the first phone call they'll nastily correct you about weird stuff or start an argument about the most innocuous of topics.

Why would you ask about that? I thought we were trying to get to know each other personally.

The dating pool in your 40s

I don't want to talk about my job! This is the something man-child who still doesn't know how to make plans in advance and can't stick to any type of schedule. He's the guy who says he will call you Monday night and then doesn't. A week later, he emails you, "Hey, what are you up to? He apologizes and says he will call you that night.

Dating in your 20s, 30s and 40s

A week later, he emails again, saying, "Hey, want to meet up? He says -- well, you can guess. It goes on like this into infinity. This is the guy with kids.

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Online dating leaves middle-aged women in 'single wilderness'

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5 Types of Guys You're Stuck Dating After 40

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