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Scandal Actors And Their Partners In Real Life

Rhythm City Teasers — May episodes. Reneilwe encourages Stone to stand up against Tshidi. Dolly lets David know what Solomon wants. David must find a new strategy. Bongi struggles to find a venue for her surprise engagement party. The party proves to be a disaster. Kop faces a tough decision.

Spineli 24 Nov LadyMay 24 Nov Tshd21 24 Nov Lex 26 Nov Cheesa 28 Nov Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Click here to login or register. Is the Khuse Family Cursed? Edit My Account Settings. Is the Khuse family cursed? Will they ever be happy? Their precious daughter Tsidi auditioned for the Starstruck competition. Tsidi entered and sacrificed her Matric exams for the Startruck competition. Tsidi got in a relationship with the Starstruck producer, Siya.

When Tsidi was supposed to win the competition she got sabotaged by her friend, Portia. After the competition she became Sunay's backing singer. At least she could earn some money and got to perform with Sunay even though she was cheating them sometimes. Mamokete and Kop were happy Tsidi was bringing something home. They even asked her to pay rent and she did. In the world of music she got introduced to drugs when she saw Sunay taking a line.

When Sunay offered her drugs she was sure she will never take drugs. One day she did and became hooked. She became friends with Sunay's drug dealer, King. King was happy to give her drugs by credit and she would pay with her backing-singing salary. Tjo, Tshidi's crying yesterday broke my heart. Mina I think Rhythm City needs to get another average family like the Khuses Coz the reason everything is happening to them is because there are a lot of things that happen to average families in our society and Rhythm Cit only has one family to depict all that in.

I dont think one family can go through so much in such a small space of time.. Rhythm City need to get another family. Now lemme read the article. Yes it is cursed. Tshidi drop out of St Magdelens 2. She pursues a career in singing but end up in drug addiction 3. Stone unlucky in love 5. Khuse project management saga 7.

He is not Kop's son 8 KOp not knowing his ageremember the 50th party when he is in fact 49 9. Kete's spaza not growing MaAgnes started ka di runways, look where she is right now Kop now has a car finally- it must have been hard t owork as driver and not have your own 4 wheels 2.

They have had their share of unhappiness haven't they? And most of us can see out "own families" in the Khuses. Mamokete always reminds me of many mothers i know, including my own. This rollercoaster sounds like my family. Chomi, you are a Rythm City Khuse family encyclopaedia I'm telling you.

Great article by the way. You are a true Rhythm Cityzen, nhe…? They portray your typical township family but I just hate that gym thing going on outside their house. Cheesa nice one lady and you have a good memory, i must say I feel for Khuse family but things like this are happening in real world. Thank God i caught that scene ya Tsidi and her mom. Tjo i was vibrating. At least i talked to my mom over the fone but i still cried for letting her down.

Disappointing your parents is not a joke. The doctor declares Lu needs a Caesarian section. Tshinawa reveals Nkhensani is in fact alive, but warns Suffocate that his relationship with Ivan's daughter is over. Puleng can't afford the specialised diet her toddler needs, she isn't earning money while The Kilowatt is closed, and she refuses to ask the father of the child, her ex-maths teacher, for help. Tensions run high in the Vilakazi house as insecure S'bu and Naomi struggle to come to terms with the new arrival.

Miles, however, is on Cloud Nine with the birth of his second son, and the possibility of buying back Redemption.

Suffocate's heart is broken when Nkhensani informs him she's going away. Mpumi decides to help sort Puleng's financial struggle. Lu and baby arrive at the Vilakazi home. Nkhensani gets Ivan to agree to stop dealing drugs. Suffocate decides it's time to finally reopen the club and get things back to normal. When Mpumi decides to bring a constable to the yard to get things rolling in terms of child maintenance, Puleng is not happy at all. In a desperate attempt to win Miles' affections back, Naomi suggests they have a baby of their own.

Connie has a nagging feeling Naomi may not be what she appears to be. Miles is informed a mystery buyer has placed a huge bid for Redemption. Mpumi and Tshidi try to help a struggling Puleng by contacting Kotsi Masemola.

Mysterious scratches are found on Lu's baby. After Fats calls Mpumi on her reckless spending while unemployed, she makes some attempts to find a job. Tichere Masemola pays Puleng a visit. The mystery bidder for Redemption Records is revealed to Miles. Lu and baby leave the Vilakazi home to Miles' misery and Naomi and S'bu's silent gratification. Lu tells Naomi she's decided to inform Miles that he is the father of her soon to be born child.

Suffocate prepares for a showdown with Ding-Dong, although he is bitterly disappointed when Fats and Thula say they're not up to helping. Finally, although he knows the consequences for him could be fatal, he phones Ivan Tshinawa. Lu treads dangerous ground with Naomi who has an ace up her sleeve. As David's memorial service looms, a paranoid Ronald wonders just how much Lu has confided to Connie. Desperate to save Nkhensani from Ding-Dong's clutches, Suffocate proposes a rescue plan to Ivan and also receives some unlikely reinforcements.

Miles reels from the revelation that he is the father of Lu's child as she desperately tries to explain why she waited so long to tell him and Naomi does her best to spin the situation in her own favour. Miles' response ends up surprising them all. It's an eventful night as Suffocate, Fats, and Thula wait for Ding-Dong to arrive at the club to trade the new stash of drugs for Nkhensani.

Rhythm City

It's a fight to the death between Suffocate and Ding-Dong. An excited Miles breaks the news to a bewildered S'bu that there is going to be a new Vilakazi kid on the block. In the dead of night a loud banging on the Khuses' door. Her baby is very sick. Can Kop please rush them to the clinic? Puleng's baby, Matric, has been diagnosed with diabetes. At David's memorial service, Miles revels in his triumph over his dead rival, and Lu is asked awkward questions.

Suffocate gets very welcome news from the police. Lu has to act as David's proxy. Suffocate is exasperated by Nkhensani's naive determination not to let the heroin reach the streets. Thula steals Suffocate's storeroom keys. S'bu signs up the Harmony Boys, thus manipulating Theo into relinquishing his managing of Joy.

Suffocate and Ding-Dong discover the stash has gone. Siya and Joy slip away to consummate their relationship during the music video shoot. During a thunderstorm Siya is struck by lightning, and although unharmed, experiences a genuine religious conversion. Ding-Dong, threatening Suffocate with a gun, declares a deadline for the retrieval of his drugs.

Although Naomi has assured herself that Lu won't tell Miles he's soon to be a father she still persuades Connie to expedite her and Lu's departure from the Vilakazi house. Lu is stunned to learn from the executor of David's will that she has to take over Redemption. Mpumi and Puleng start the long road of mending their battered and bruised friendship. Miles convinces Lu he should act as her proxy at Redemption.

Suffocate throws rival thugs - who are tracking Ding-Dong and the spoils of his heist - out of his club. Ivan decides to pay Suffocate a personal visit. Miles finds it easy to slip into his old Redemption shoes. S'bu and Naomi, unimpressed by this new development, try to disguise it as concern over a potential conflict of interest with Hustle Records. Ding-Dong reveals he's holding Nkhensani captive. As the closeness between Miles and Lu increases, so does Naomi's insecurity.

David delivers a personal wedding invitation to Miles. Ronald and Lu agree David is skating perilously close to real insanity. Ivan has Suffocate beaten up for sleeping with his daughter. Fats is faced by a wrathful Ding-Dong. Joy puts the squeeze on S'bu. Ding-Dong has to store his loot at The Kilowatt after the security of his safe house is compromised. Suffocate and Nkhensani discover people were killed during the heist.

Connie tries to persuade Miles to intervene in the wedding. Lu overhears a shocking conversation. Lu, reeling from the discovery that Ronald was playing her all along, has to concoct an escape plan - fast. She talks Victoria into a crude but effective way of destroying the wedding. In the ensuing chaos, David receives an unexpected visitor from his past. This guest bears an unexpected gift.

David is rushed to hospital. A shocked Lu reels from the latest change of fortune. Suffocate shows Nkhensani what was actually stolen from her father's house: S'bu comes up with a sure-fire way to keep Theo permanently distracted from daughter Joy's career. As Lu quizzes Ronald about the attempted killing of David, they are informed that the head of Redemption is dead. Joy refuses to promote her album unless Siya becomes her manager.

Suffocate and Nkhensani run through the dangers posed by the ton of heroin in his storeroom. Ding-Dong reveals he won't be removing the stash until he's good and ready.

There's a major confrontation between Miles and Naomi after she accuses him of still being emotionally attached to Lu. David and Ronald continue to intimidate Lu with regard to the now far larger and fast-tracked wedding.

Nkhensani arrives to speak to Suffocate just as he's told Ding-Dong the heist is off. The Lord has revealed to Siya that the music director can only have sex with Joy after he's been appointed her manager.

Miles agonises over the fact he has feelings for both Naomi and Lu. When Nkhensani asks Suffocate why he revealed he was using her, he is forced to admit he might have real feelings for her.

This leads to her offering to do something rather unexpected to help him out of his debt with Ding-Dong. After Joy is unsuccessful in convincing her father to relinquish his managerial position, she turns to Gail and Hustle for help.

Everyone is confounded by David's increasingly bizarre behaviour as he continues to plan his dream wedding. Lu fantasises about escape. S'bu warns his dad that his obsession about Lu is damaging his relationship with Naomi. Suffocate and Nkhensani continue taking small steps towards a relationship. While Ding-Dong continues the plans to rob Ivan, Suffocate is increasingly concerned there might be more to this robbery than meets the eye.

Theo stubbornly refuses to relinquish his role as Joy's manager. Fats eavesdrops on a drugs deal conversation. Suffocate confronts Ding-Dong about the strange occurrences at The Kilowatt. Suffocate is held up.

S'bu confronts Siya about Joy's diva demands. Ivan unexpectedly arrives at The Kilowatt to make enquiries about his daughter. Even after spending a whole night as David's prisoner, Lu's fighting spirit has not been dampened. Only when Ronald reveals the reason David is still keeping her alive, does she waver. David relays that once his child is born he will have no further use for Lu and that if the child isn't his, it will suffer the same fate as its mother.

Ronald suggests an alternative strategy. Suffocate is invited to supper at Nkhensani's home while her dad is away.

Siya takes Thula and Tshidi by surprise when he asks for their forgiveness. After Lu rejects David's marriage proposal, David decides his only option is to kill her. Feeling betrayed after the revelation of Nkhensani's deceit, Suffocate throws himself completely into Ding-Dong's plan.

David, still keeping Lu hostage in her own home, is in the process of forcing her to marry him. However, there may be a way out for Lu - from an unlikely source. Suffocate's plan regarding Nkhensani is in full swing, but something makes him start seeing her in a new light. A worried and suspicious Connie, in search of her missing sister, confronts David about Lu's whereabouts - with startling results. Suffocate, feeling guilty after sex with Nkhensani, reveals to his shocked lover that he initially courted her only because of the plan to rob her father.

S'bu warns Siya that Joy is sexually off-limits. Suffocate rejects Ding-Dong's demand he participate in a heist. Ding-Dong is annoyed but returns the following day with a different proposal. Naomi sucks up to Lu when all she is really doing is looking for a gap to destroy her. Superintendent Engelbrecht confronts David about all the fresh charges levelled against him.

Frustrated by Lu's continuing presence in the house, Naomi turns to David for help only to discover he's not the father of Lu's child.

David learns Lu has not told Miles that he is in fact the father of her baby. Ding-Dong wants Suffocate to squeeze information from Nkhensani that'll enable him to steal a consignment of hot diamonds her dad has in his possession. S'bu is introduced to a born-again Siya. Suffocate advises Thula to stay away from Ding-Dong, revealing he owes the gangsta a debt of honour. Miles is unimpressed with the astronomical financial implications of Siya's music video proposal and instructs S'bu to deal with the director.

Generations Legacy: the young man who plays Wandile is actually a woman

Naomi cosies up to Lu to suck important information from her, using this information to trick David while pretending to be on his side - but she gets a shock of her own when David reveals his true self to her. Naomi reassures an anxious Lu the secret of her child's real paternity will remain safe with her. Meanwhile, Naomi and David continue to plot a way to separate Lu from Miles and deliver the child to David.

A rival gang looks for Ding-Dong at the club. Suffocate's attempt to get security information out of Nkhensani leads to an unexpected result.

S'bu and Miles agree to work with Siya, so long as he keeps his hands off Joy.

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Naomi's offer to accompany Lu to her gynaecological appointment is a kidnapping ruse. Suffocate explains Ding-Dong's hold over him when Thula and Fats suggest the gangsta be barred him from the club. The rival gang thugs beat up Suffocate. Siya's outrageous demands on Joy's behalf raise temperatures at Hustle.

Lu is unaware of David and Ronald's attempts to locate her so when she phones Wandi she gives David and Ronald the electronic clue they need to track her down. Curtis starts the dangerous business of delving into David's psyche.

Suffocate tries to get rid of the daughter of Ivan Tshinawa and offers Puleng a permanent job at The Kilowatt. Ronald eventually finds Lu's hide out and David instructs him to bring her home immediately.

Captive Curtis, desperate to survive, encourages David to talk about his demons. Suffocate's ex jail buddy Ding-Dong is slowly revealing hidden motives for his return and it looks as though Nkhensani might be dragged into this. David gets Curtis out of his life forever. Ronald escorts Lu back to the city, where David is waiting. Fats feels bad about how he treated Stone and also realises he's messed up his relationship with Tshidi.

He does his best to apologise to her. She tells him he should be apologising to Stone. Ding-Dong tells a nervous Suffocate he has a plan regarding Nkhensani. David embarks on a drunken rampage after Lu tells him he's not the father of her baby. She then moves into the Vilakazi home, telling Miles all of David's misdeeds. Suffocate tries again to discourage Nkhensani from visiting the club. S'bu persuades Theo to agree to a music video for Joy.

With Lu back in the Vilakazi home, Naomi starts to feel insecure. Miles suggests Lu report David to the police and he also recommends a bodyguard be hired for her. Joy insists a new friend of hers be hired to advise on the music video. An old voice message from Lu leads Miles to discover she's missing. David desperately continues the search, making allies with Naomi, whilst Ronald finds Curtis. Stone is still on a high from Suffocate standing up for him last night.

He shares the news with Tshidi and Dr Makhatini. David continues to hold Curtis hostage while he and Ronald desperately search for Lu. Gail impresses upon Miles he needs to act quickly to reassure Naomi she's the only lady in his life.

The Khuses continue to take strain from the neighbourhood's reaction to Stone's coming out. When mysterious Ding-Dong rocks up at the bar, eyebrows are raised. Lu tells Merle that the Groot Karoo dorp of Vanwyksvlei is as good a place as any to have her baby.

She contacts Wandi on Skype to warn her about David. Curtis suggests he could be David's therapist. Suffocate reveals to Thula that he "owes" Ding-Dong. Suffocate tells Stone they can no longer be friends. Stone announces he's leaving Jo'burg. Desperate to stay alive, Curtis continues to claim he can help David. Thula thinks Suffocate should speak to Stone. Puleng discovers Mpumi accidentally sold the rights to Magic Chicken.

Stone, now looking forward to moving to Stellenbosch, tries to comfort his distraught mother. His father takes him aside to give his blessing. Suffocate, in his own way, shows Stone he will always be there for him.

David tells Ronald they can probably locate Lu through Wandi's phone records. There is a major falling out between Puleng, Mpumi, and Fats. Despite making himself increasingly unpopular, S'bu can't seem to let Fiona's disappearance go. Lu is still troubled by the accusations made by the guard despite David's best attempts to spin the situation. Mamokete admits to Kop she feels to blame for Stone's sexuality.

Fats manages to weasel his way into Puleng and Mpumi's catering business. Stone initially decides to tell the guys he's gay, but then has a crisis of confidence. Miles declares S'bu will apologise to Naomi for his accusations, or there will be repercussions, and Gail takes S'bu to task for his attitude.

The tape the security guard plays to Lu proves David was behind the attack on her and Wandi - and the scales finally fall from Lu's eyes. Everyone is shocked into silence by Stone's admission that he is gay. Lu discovers her therapist is David's puppet.

Fiona suddenly appears to gabble about the CIA, leading S'bu to conclude she is completely mad. Fats and Suffocate cannot come to terms with Stone's admission.

Who is tshidi from rhythm city dating

Puleng is livid with Mpumi because of her taking the money out of their business account to buy decorations for the Al Fresco gym diner. Curtis confesses to Lu. There's trouble at the Al Fresco diner, with the strain of the new business taking its toll on Puleng. S'bu is forced to eat humble pie.

David and Ronald realise Lu's secret visitors might be linked to her disappearance. Thula attempts to turn Suffocate to Stone's side, while Kop awkwardly reaches out to his son and Mamokete has to deal with neighbourhood gossip regarding Stone's sexuality. David swears he will find Lu if it's the last thing he does. S'bu apologises to Naomi.

Fats has decided the restaurant venture failed because people are put off by the knowledge that a homosexual lives in close proximity. Somebody wants to talk turkey with Mpumi about Magic Chicken.

Fats convinces Mpumi to do the cooking job on her own without Puleng. S'bu and Gail return from Cape Town to find Naomi living in the house. Miles provides an abridged version of what happened to Dan, leaving out the small detail that Naomi pulled the plug on her husband. Hearing a noise outside late at night, Kop investigates and discovers it is a departing Jacob.

S'bu learns something suspicious at Dan's memorial service. Jacob tells Kop he can't accept Stone's homosexuality. Stone, ready to be discharged from hospital, collapses in immense physical pain after being told of his dad's departure. Mpumi keeps secret the offer she's received. Self-loathing Stone suffers a major setback in his recovery and Dr Makhatini desperately tries to reach out to him. Stone loses interest in everything around him and sinks into depression. Naomi and S'bu work well as a team at their first studio session and the ice begins to thaw between them.

On the eve of the cook-off, things blow up between Puleng and Mpumi. Mamokete and Tshidi intervene by prying them apart, whilst a desperate Fats attempts to bribe two of the judges. Dr Makhatini has a suspicion Stone is about to do something terrible. Lu finally opens the paternity test results and is shocked by what she discovers.

Miles asks Naomi to remain at the Vilakazi household, as his lover. As our characters reminisce on the highs and lows of , Mpumi quits her job to Fats' surprise and dissatisfaction.

Jacob's health is improving whilst Stone's recovery isn't as rapid. Dr Makhatini stresses the importance of sorting out domestic issues for Stone's sake.

Kop gives Mamokete an ultimatum. Naomi manipulates an oblivious Miles into becoming her accomplice in Dan's euthanasia. Travis Tramplemain, manages to halt the unplugging of Dan from life support. Miles attempts to intervene, only to have his own suspicions raised about whether Naomi has given him the full picture of her relationship with her husband. An anxious Mamokete hasn't slept since Jacob proposed to her. After finally seeing Jacob's sketch of her, she decides it's time to make a decision.

The realities of being unemployed hit Mpumi like a ton of bricks. Naomi seeks legal advice on her situation with Dan. Miles confronts Naomi after Travis Tramplemain spills the beans about her true relationship with her husband. She admits she was responsible for Dan's accident but weaves an entirely new web of deceit around Miles.

Mamokete gives Jacob and Kop her decision. Kop is gracious but firm with Jacob in the aftermath of Mamokete's decision. Fats begins to fret about the pressure Mpumi's joblessness is placing on his finances. Mpumi and Puleng decide to go into business together.

Naomi allows Miles to persuade her to end Dan's life. Lu, on her return from holiday, discovers a disturbing note from Wandi. Thula, struggling to find caterers for the private function at KW, reluctantly accepts Fats' solution. Naomi's world is rocked when she realises there's no ADAPT or Travis Tramplemain and rushes home to find a crucial piece of evidence missing. Having received the results of the paternity test, a torn Lu meets Curtis behind David's back.

Stone finally takes the plunge and tells Jacob about his sexuality. Naomi is panicked that Dan will wake up any second and expose her for the monster she is. However, she still takes full advantage of her husband's grave condition, using it as an excuse to further manipulate Miles. Suffocate is throwing his annual Kilowatt Club Christmas party for the orphans. The event is marred by the growing tensions between Mpumi and Fats, which result in a big blow up. The Khuses make peace for Christmas.

Jacob tells Stone he wants to live with Kete as his wife and Stone as his son. Fats is conned by Mpumi and her cousins into helping with the organising of a fundraising New Year's Eve party. Miles is finding Naomi increasingly difficult to deal with.

It's an emotional farewell as Pule departs and he gets his first kiss from Sindi. Suffocate holds Naomi captive. Reneilwe infuriates Tshidi when she suggests that she should make a list of pros and cons to help her decide between William and Maidi. Thursday 16 May Puleng encourages Tshidi to grill Maidi about his attitude to having a family.

Bash reveals his deep flairing ability. The state moves against 9-Nine and Redemption. Monday 20 May Naomi and Hermanus are shocked to discover that David Genaro is one step ahead of them. Miles and Lucilla try to challenge the shutting down of Redemption. Tuesday 21 May Naomi tells David that he has a son and heir with Gail, and then threatens him. Wednesday 22 May Miles tells Lucilla that the auction could be an opportunity for them to gain joint control of Redemption, but Lucilla is reluctant to step down as CEO.

Mampho tells Reneilwe that she has a boyfriend. Thursday 23 May The lawyer tells Tshidi and William that if William wants to live a normal life, he must hand himself in to the police. Mampho confesses that she does not know how to kiss and asks Reneilwe to help her. Naomi taunts David about killing his child. Miles and Lucilla clash over running Redemption together and Miles goes to David for help. Tshidi agrees to marry Maidi.

Miles and David are officially in league against Lucilla. Tuesday, 28 May David is released from prison.


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