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Two decades ago online dating was virtually non-existent. It was seen as nothing more than a last-ditch effort for desperate people. Online dating has become wildly popular, and transformed into one of the best ways for couples to meet. Dating apps are becoming just as big as traditional dating sites. The key to using dating apps effectively starts with using quality pictures in your profile.

If the parents approved of the man, the candle used to be set taller, and shorter if he didn't make a good impression. Love is sweet as summer showers Love is a wondrous work of art But your love, oh your love, Your love is like a giant pigeon Crapping on my heart. La la la la la And when we think of love, it is hard not to mention its evil predecessor, dating.

While nothing can replace the first flushes of romance, it is the treacherous path which leads us to that special one is what could be described as draining. Sorry , we meant dating. Considering how the human race has flourished over the last million-odd years, we are doing the right thing, as is quite apparent. Of course, things were far simpler back in the olden times. Man met woman to procreate.

These children grew up to have more children, and so on. Sometime in the midst of this routine, men and women began searching for the one who well and truly belonged to them; the one who was exclusively made for them. And thus began the quest to search what we now call a soulmate. This meant that one had to undertake a rigorous screening procedure to find someone to get soulmatey with; have your heart ripped, crushed, and trampled upon, not to mention your self-respect too.

The end result was satisfying for some; horrifying for others. So, let's find out how the human race has fared in the dating game this far.

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Oscar Wilde could not have put it better. This is what pretty much epitomized the dating game in the Victorian era. This was the time when a man needed a feminine presence to warm his home and hearth.

Dating, as it was then, was always conducted under the watchful eyes of the parents of the girl, who had the ultimate say regarding the final outcome. Chivalry and prudishness were the norm, and romance was all about sneaked glances and shy smiles.

May sound like a lot of show-sans-substance to the FB generation, but believe you me, the Victorians were an awful lot cheekier and more resourceful than you'd ever be. From setting up cozy love nests for the object of their affection, to keeping expensive mistresses after marriage, the Victorians sure did it in style!

The end of the Victorian era took with it a lot of the chastity involved in adult relationships.

A brand new century beckoned, and with it emerged a new generation that would transform the dating scene virtually by the minute. Cars made their first appearance on the roads, and as a result, chaperones were given a miss most of the time, and dating began to include "going out" to wine and dine, instead of that freakish candle thing of the Victorian times. Of course, you still had to marry a good girl, and engaging in sinful activities before marriage was still frowned upon. These were the times when there was an acute shortage of men and a surplus of lonely women.

On a more positive note, when you meet someone new, the internet allows you to verify whether people are who they claim to be. You can Google that person, find photos, articles or do background checks on them.

As you can see there have been many changes, some good and some not so good. I think that this is the main factor why single people today tend to stay single for longer! Drawing the comparison between now and is great.

Your blog helps me know what I felt was right and the reasons why. It seems the disposable culture has spilled into relationships.

Dating has changed over the last 30 years

There is an almost constant anxiety because the net promises, though frequently failures to deliver, a permenant supply of someone better. This perhaps affects men more who biologically seem programmed to want variety. In men had to work hard as women were, compared to now, in short supply. Now they are aplenty and its a breeding ground for cads to flourish. I think technology has had some very negative consequences on relationships eroding the face to face uninterupted quality communication with banal and lazy texts and emails.

I would love to turn back the clock back to a sense of realism which seems to have disappeared.

How Dating Has Changed Through The Generations

When I was in my early 20's before my wife and I got married ; I had a lot of luck with the ladies. Now that we are almost divorced, I am 49 finding the dating scene sucks so bad it is disheartening. Women are extremely picky. How the dating scene has changed in the last twenty years! The first thing that springs to mind is: Technology So much dating happens online now which was not possible in ! Dating has become global instead of just local! Face-to-face conversations are no longer the norm and often talking on the phone takes a backseat to text messaging and emails.

There is less direct interaction with each other. In when it was all face to face.

Work Work is now the main reason that men and women turn to online dating and dating agencies; 20 years ago it was usually because someone had got divorced or become widowed and had no single friends to turn to. The long hours that we work today make it harder to meet partners conventionally. Also the long hours we now work means that our free time is so precious that we tend spend it meeting friends and family.

This means we never have time to meet new people because we are too busy juggling our friends and our work.


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