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How to know you are dating the wrong girl for


I walked around the car three times, kicking the tires, careful not to get the new coat of armor all on my shoes. I pressed my eyes against the glass, just enough to see the impeccable white interior and the 8-track player. She was a Chevy Monte Carlo and she was beautiful. I nervously introduced myself, tripping over my words as if a few seconds stood in the way of me competing with another buyer. I explained that I saw the car in her driveway, and was curious to know how much she wanted for it. I knew I was going to be late to school, but the vision of pulling into the school parking lot with my shiny new Monte Carlo preceded any rules, or rationale that might have stood in my way.

Dating the wrong woman

I raced the 6 country blocks all the way back to my house, up to my room maybe touching 2 stairs along the way. I pulled out the rusty metal coffee can I had suspended between one of the box springs beneath my mattress. I had saved almost every penny I made, cutting grass, delivering papers, washing cars all for this very moment.

I was on my way back when an ounce of sobriety flashed into my mind. The old woman was on the porch feeding her cats when she saw me. I handed her the money, counting it out as I placed it in her hand. The old woman signed the title, handed me a bill of sale, the keys, and a smile. I thought of how proud my dad would be, accomplishing this on my own. I removed the for-sale sign, jumped in, and started her up for the first time.

I was on my way. When I had arrived at school, I made sure to park close as I could to the main entrance. I wanted everyone to see me get in my car after school. The final bell had rung, when I pranced to the exit, chest out, head high and walked toward my car. I put the key into the door, slowly unlocking it to give everyone time enough to leave the building. I got in, fixed my rear-view mirror and rolled the windows down.

I turned on the radio, now noticing the spectators assembled on the sidewalk admiring my car. I was the man, and I felt it. The girls were smiling , leaning into each other and talking while staring at me. This was the moment of truth, the moment that would change my short life forever. I put the key in the ignition, all the while glancing at the assembly of honeys on the sidewalk. I turned the key again, listening to her neigh like a wounded horse.

The girls smile, soon turned to laughter. The thick gray and white smoke coming from the engine. The smoke from my car was thankfully thick enough to hide my face from the shame and misery of that moment.

Looking back, I had learned a valuable lesson. There are many questions to ask, and protocol when buying a new or used car.

As costly as not doing the research, heeding the signs, and failing to test drive a car might be. There are greater consequences when these same precautions are not followed when making even greater decisions. There are some guys who know everything about the car they are buying, how many miles it gets in the city and on the highway. Yet, when it comes to the women we invite into our lives, we make the same mistake.

10 Signs You're Dating The Wrong Girl

Amor all, fresh paint, clean interior, and a for sale sign. However, the repercussion of being in a relationship with the wrong woman can cause irreparable damage to your life.

How does one know, when she is the wrong woman? How do you know if there is a crack in the engine block or a bad transmission? Is she controlling who you hang out with, where you go, what you wear, what to say, and what not say?

If you find yourself as the source of her happiness, then you will also be the source of her unhappiness.

Five Ways To Help You Spot The Wrong Girl

If she is extremely critical of you and your choices. Is she always making fun of you, your ideas, and your appearance?

If you cannot be yourself around her and find yourself having to walk on eggshells to avoid confrontations. If she never apologizes or takes responsibility then she is exhibiting a major character flaw, and thinks she is never wrong. I think if a girl has 1 or 2 of these problems, you can still live with it. This is a really great article.

How to know you are dating the wrong girl

It all applies to my current relationship. Family and friends have been trying to tell me to end it. Even her side of the family.

Your email address will not be published. Wellcultured - A men's fashion, fitness, sex, and lifestyle magazine. Home Fashion Fitness Sex Lifestyle. The Warning Signs The single life suddenly seems enviable. Envying your single friends on a regular basis- i. Talking becomes a chore. You have to find out things about her everyday life via her friends. You have to force romance.

Any romantic attempts you make- from flowers to special dates- go ignored You generally feel as if you put much more effort into the relationship You feel as if the only intimate thing between you and your partner is sex 3: Your personalities are too different. If you had to make a list of things your ideal girl would have, she would possess few or none of them. You have no physical attraction. These points are ideas , and oftentimes you can too easily presume your relationship is bad.

Before you do anything, talk to your partner. If you must close a relationship, do it properly. There are always more girls to date! April 7, at April 25, at 7: May 6, at 1: May 14, at 8: Nicely written, you get a thumbs up on stumbleupon from me!!!

May 21, at July 18, at October 31, at February 24, at 9: August 18, at 6: September 25, at 2: The lessons I learned, which I want to pass on to people here: I know this may have come across as angry, but I cannot stress these lessons enough. September 3, at 6:


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