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Hook up hang out just chill apologise

Just Friends- musiq soulchild w/lyrics

Girl, I know this might seem strange But let me know if I am out of order For stepping to you this way See I've been watching you for a while And I just gotta let you know That I'm really feeling your style Cause I had to know your name And leave you with my number and I hope that you would call me someday If you want to you can give me yours too And if you don't well I ain't mad at you We can still be cool cuz. I'm not tryin ta pressure you Just can't stop thinkin bout you You ain't even really gotta be my girlfriend I just wanna know your name and maybe some time we can hook up, hang out, just chill. Damn, I'm surprised that you called Cause the way you walked away I thought I wasn't gon see you no more Since you didn't wanna give me your math I thought that you were iggin me And wasn't diggin me But anyway what you doin tonight I'll probably be with my peeps If its cool with you maybe we will swing by And you can just chill with us Or maybe you can just chill with me As long as you're comfortable And you feel secure when you're with me cause. Oh, oh, baby yeah Maybe we can oh Go see a moavie girl Maybe we can hang out girl Whateva you wanna do Just let me know Its up to you. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

Wale The Need To Know feat SZA

Before I go further, I know some people are eager to wonder why this post is trying to help single ladies adapt to their philandering married boyfriends.

I know sleeping with a married man is a sin, and trust Nigerians to be judgmental about this kind of thing. Like their own sin of lying and stealing trumps another person sleeping with a married man. So, see you in hell.

During my short stay and relations with married men who have girlfriends, I realize most of their issues with them are the same regardless of how they look, most of them hovering around immaturity and not accepting their roles with their chest.


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