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OH MAN ! My first Oman Vlog- Episode 1

Omani relationships have changed. Dating and pre-marital relationships in Oman are still taboo subjects. Divorces here are on the rise, according to new research, as the tradition of arranged marriages is spurned by the younger generation. Figures from the Department of Marriage Registration revealed that divorces in the country increased by 12 per cent last year. The trend puts arranged marriages under the spotlight, with couples apparently opting to divorce and find a partner on their own terms. Y spoke to three different people, two men and a woman, about their experiences of dating and marriage. What emerged is clear evidence of a social shift and a growing split along generational lines in attitudes towards marriage.

Men thinking all women that do not cover are tools for their sexual desire? I doubt that it is part of our culture or traditions. Unless, of course, you strongly think differently. I respect the cultures of all countries and religions. Thats not what humans do, thats what animals do! No excuses if you want to join the civilsed human race. Here is the post I wrote about the conditions and the law for non-omani marrying an omani..

So, you would never know unless you try. Its absurd to believe that if women dont cover, they invite sexual intercourse.

That is a thinking of a dumb person. I thought Arab people are now educated. Yet when some people say that women should not be held responsible for sexual harassment no matter how they are dressed- then I disagree.

At the same time some women deliberately dress too provocatively, seductively, vulgar. By wearing some shirt skirt with outlines of her underwear visible, a big cleavage or too tight erotic clothes- a woman herself diminishes herself to a human female.

Seeing a seductively uncovered female is trigging a subconscious command for them to act. But these are the same primitive instincts that make women dress slutty to appear attractive to unknown males. Many of the sexually harassed women have their share of responsibility for it because of their own conscious choice of bad clothes. I am an Expat and i come here to this Country to work…. He is my Co-worker …. We love each other so much even our age are 6 year he is much younger to me hes….

I just whant to know if in this time.. In Omani Law if Omani guy can be marry expat lady!! You need to go through the process which is described in my earlier post on marrying a non-Omani , and then it is your luck.

Feezah, this is a honest and truhful comment that should be taken very seriously as well as respected. Interbreeding is one of the biggest problems facing Muslims. Add to that that life as well as marriage is controlled. Life is not like that no matter what you are told.

Dating omani man

Look how many married Arabs go to Thailand, the planes are full of then hypocrites! The President, Obama has a Muslim middle name — Hussain.

His vice president has a Jewish middle name — Israel! No Arabic or Muslim country will ever progress until it allows freedom of though and allows Muslim women to marry of their won choice.

I dont understand why this made my blood up, let me to be honest…the thing is why those men have no pride? I think not just Arabs, but everybody does , I am I right? I cant blamed them, because the country made restriction and justice, it might unfair to them, but the thing.. I understand why your blood is boiling! One should not judge by what one wears! There are many Muslim women seeking true love not sex and a loving, caring marriage.

I have several friends who are married to Muslim women and both are happy both have been married before. The world is changing and Muslim and in particular, Arabic countries are in denial. The young Muslim woman, unlike her mother, has access to a vast amount of information…internet etc as a fact you are contributing to this site and therefore free speech!

Regardless aboved subject, made me upset by cover or without, But I think I have no right to say and judge by what brand was.

Moslem men, generally, go to Thailand and Philipines for sex with women and sometimes have girlfriends there. Western men and some Moslem men go to Cambodia, Thailand and Philipines to have sex with children, both boys and girls.

On my wedding day, I did not recognise him when he first approached me. I had to do what my family wanted. I was very lonely. We were married for nine years and then divorced.

He was a good man but we both agreed to end the marriage. That was two years ago and my life is better now I am working and have friends. One of my sisters has just got married and she married for love. I know girls who go on dates now. They have to keep it a secret, and can never let their parents know. They would be so angry.

My brothers are able to date but we are not. I meet men through work and sometimes friends will introduce potential boyfriends.

They will come up to you and give you their phone number and if you like them, you contact them. I would prefer to get to know someone first. A friend uses Facebook though. She meets boys there and in chat rooms. If I ever went on a date, I would go to a restaurant or the beach. I would get into trouble if my family or a neighbour saw me out with a man.

Meet Omani Men

Some people think that as this is an Arab country, the girls are just sitting at home alone. I know one girl who got into trouble and had to get help. There are places you can go.

She was very upset because she was in love but the moment the man found out, he did not want to know her. He was just using her. A lot of guys are like that. Married men are like that too. It is also well known that girls can travel to seek help before they get married. I heard of a girl who was afraid that she would get into trouble when she got married and wanted to go abroad.

The whole dating thing needs to be more open but not too much. We are Muslim and I think too much freedom would be a bad thing. I am 30 now but hope that I will marry again one day.

Love, Lies and Secrets

I sometimes feel tired of being lonely. But if I do marry, I will not make a mistake again. I will marry for love only. It is a matter of honour, reputation and well-being for both man and woman. If you want to meet up with a girl or boy, you have to meet through the right channels. I come from Barka.

My sister, my mother and some other family members met my future wife and her mother at a wedding party. They thought she was good for me and the first meeting was arranged.

We had to ask about her family, then my mother and sister went to her house. Then they told her about me. She said she was interested but we would have to check with her parents. Oh it's so difficult, we are not married yet but planning as well.

OH MAN ! My first Oman Vlog- Episode 1

If you don't mind me asking, what is the lawyer needed for? I'm sorry, I am so ignorant in these kind of topics. I am going to quit the work in the government and searching for new job because I want to marry that one. However, I will let you know what the lawyer will advice me. I admire your courage and I wish you all the best inshallah. I wish the person I love was like you, but he would rather keep his job than leave it!

Lol I really appreciate your help. I cant put the job as an obstacle to me. Rizq is on Allah not on the government Jazak Allh Khair. Guess we need to be careful of who we give our hearts too. By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy. Make sure that you have access to this email address before you request to receive a verification message.

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