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Dating an aries female remarkable

ARIES RELATIONSHIPS: it's a fairytale!

Aries is one of the most formidable signs in the zodiac, the female of the species being a more powerful and elusive creature than the male. It takes a lot of skill and nerve to date them. This article is meant to offer non-gender specific dating advice meaning that women and men can both take the same advice from this article. To create this article, 58 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. It also received 16 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Be friendly, forthright, and light when showing your interest to an Aries female.

To help you along, we will guide you through the signs an Aries woman likes you. See also the signs an Aries man likes you. In astrology, relationships follow a predictable pattern from when you first meet all the way through to a long term commitment.

There are four distinquishable stages of this pattern that are marked by what is known as Houses. Houses can be traced from the Sun Sign, but they can also be traced from what is known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

With the date, time, and place of birth, you can get a Natal Chart from either Astrodienst or Astrolabe , which will show the Rising Sign. The first stage is the First House, when you first meet and decide whether you want a relationship at all.

The second stage is an 11th House friendship, where you are starting to get close. The third stage is the 5th House, where the relationship develops into a full blown romantic relationship. The fourth and final stage is the 7th, where you form a more permanent commitment. With an Aries woman, you will see clear signs that you have made it through each stage. All relationships begin in the 1st House, in this case, Mars-ruled Aries. This stage will be the most difficult to get through with an Aries woman.

She does not date just anyone, and when an Aries woman has a crush on you, she will treat you as an enemy. Here are the signs an Aries woman likes you and finds you attractive. There is a common story trope of people who cannot stand each other developing a deep and passionate romance over time.

This trope was made with Aries women in mind. If an Aries woman is attracted to you, you will bother her and get under her skin. She will want nothing to do with you, but at the same time, she not be able to take her mind off of you.

This will make you extremely annoying to her, and she will likely lash out at you. It is important that you stand your ground. Aries women cannot abide weakness in others, and if you want to win and keep an Aries woman, you really must have strength of will and character. Her initial animosity towards you is one of the signs an Aries woman likes you. In Greek mythology, there was a woman, Atalanta , who was a skilled athelete.

She would only marry a man who could defeat her in a footrace. An Aries woman is carved from the mold of Atalanta, and in order to win her heart, you will have to compete with her. If she is athletic, and many Aries women are, she will challenge you to a sports contest.

If you are coworkers, she will compete with you with tasks at work. Whatever it is, you must do your best to defeat her, and you must not hold back. If you can not win against her, you must at least make a good showing. She is testing your force of will and courage. She will appreciate a worthy opponent, no matter how the competition turns out. If you have passed her initial tests, an Aries woman will respect you.

This is the first real step before an Aries woman falls in love. She will no longer try to provoke you, and she will treat you as an equal. If you ask her out at this point, she will probably agree, although it might be grudgingly. She might also ask you out, not for a date, mind you, but to get together as friends. If you have gotten through the first turbulant stage with an Aries woman, things will get a lot easier.

The next stage is an 11th House friendship, and the 11th House is ruled by Aquarius. It is at this stage that an Aries woman will begin to talk with you, and you will be able to get to know each other better. Here are the signs an Aries woman likes you and wants you around. Aries women do not beat around the bush. She will tell you exactly how she feels about you every step of the way. At this stage, it is unlikely to be flowerly words of praise or affection.

If an Aries woman likes you, she will want to spend time with you. An Aries woman does not have a lot of patience for long conversations or for sitting around. She will want activity and will usually have something in mind she wants to do. Her tastes generally run to physical activities or contests, but this will not have the edge it did in the earlier stages of your relationship.

It will turn into true friendly competition. An Aries woman will try to control your relationship, but do assert yourself about matters that are important to you. You will lose her respect if she can walk all over you. She wants someone who is an equal and whom she cannot control. Even though Aries women are usually in motion, they do think about things, and they often have a unique outlook on life.

One of the signs an Aries woman likes you is that she will talk about her ideas. She will tell you her philosophy about many different subjects and she will want to know yours. You should be honest with her about your thoughts and opinions, even if they disagree with hers. She will know immediately if you say something just to please her, and it will make her angry. It is better just to say what you think. Do not worry if it turns into an argument.

Aries women like a good fight. If you disagree, and argue your position well, you will not change her mind, but you will arouse her passion! When an Aries woman truly falls in love, she will do so whole heartedly and completely.

Romantic relationships are governed by the 5th House, and the 5th House from Aries is Leo. When frienship turns to love with an Aries woman, it will be unmistakable! Below are the signs an Aries woman likes you and is falling in love. As much as an Aries woman fights falling in love, when she does, she really enjoys it. The face of an Aries woman in love will light up and she will have a sparkle in her eyes.

She will smile, laugh and genuinely have a lot of fun. An Aries woman in love will become playful and buoyant. She will still want to compete with you, but these competitions will lose their seriousness and turn into games.

An Aries woman in love at this stage will be as lavish with her praise as she was stingy with it in earlier stages. She will shower you with compliments and brag about you to everyone around her. An Aries woman wants only the best, so if she is in love with you, you must be the best! She has tested you and found you worthy, and she will be generous in givng you honors for this! An Aries woman in love is generous and magnanimous. And I have to agree about Sagittarius men, firstly I don't usually find one, but I feel, based on the Sagitarrius women I know that I may not be quite compatible, but who knows.

But in general, those air signs really do make an Aries fire burn brighter. Cap man just got out of a relationship with a aries woman. We were together 2 years and I gotta say she was sneaky and cold in many ways. In the beginning she was pushy and wanted all my attention. When I finally gave it to her she sabotaged the relationship and ended it. She obviously did think about what she was doing because she always did stuff on impulse most of the time.

Only to come back a few months later begging me to get back in her life and once again chasing me around. Once I showed her I was back she broke it off again.

In my experience she was immature and was really dishonest herself. Aries are terrible liars so it is easy to catch them out and they are the most impatient,pushy,entitled,jealous,and demanding women I have ever met. It is not a impossible feat to date any sign of the zodiac. I do feel this where maturity and understanding comes into play.

In which she had none. I'm an Aries Queen in love with a Cancer. We've dated from college and it has been a helluva of rollercoaster. We have broken up, we have gotten back After he proposed marriage, I knew I did not want to continue the crazy fights so I checked his Zodiac sign. Now I can understand why he thinks I'm the devil spawn. But he loves me and I love him back, we are taking baby steps to forever.

Thanks for writing this, my Aries Queen. This was rather insightful and I agree with almost all of it except for the matches. I too, like another Aries commented attract Virgos like bees to honey. However my best relationships have been with Capricorns, they are very stable and attentive. Unfortunately, only fire signs have matched my passion.

So she said lets get deeper so i knew my ass was grass and i told her the truth that my profile was fake and that i was 61 instead of 41 like it was posted in my profile so she said Sir if you can prove to me that you care for me like you tell you do then i give you a real lifes chance to be my man. And that made feel so good that she told me that i got high on that feeling like i was a teenager again.

See i am English and Cherokee so i look 20 years younger then i am and live like am younger also cuz i build custom cars and sell them and i drive a taxi and make very good money doing it and i have a pension and i own my home free and clear.

And my baby Candice is a free lance model and she is drop dead gorgeous and 5'8" with blond hair cut in a inverted bob with bangs and brown eyes and 35 years younger than i am. And i have been a christian for a long time and not studied astrology. And one of her tests daily for me was asking me if i could stay up with her in sex and i always said yes no problem cuz i am a confident idiot ok.

So i read about us being in a relationship together and it made me so sure that i could handle her with no problem at all. My most intense and deep relationships are with scorpios. I get along with sags more than leos but I attract them both a lot too. My closest friends are mostly water or fire signs lol.

Thank you for posting this! This is quite accurate for me even though I am a 21 year old Virgo girl. My moon is in Aries though.

I'm an Aries woman and it's so hard for me to find a guy that can handle being with me. My 3 serious relationships were all with virgos, i attract them like bees to honey and we always fail miserably. Any other guys I'm interested in run from me and I don't know why I'm gonna be single forever.. I am an Aries, march Aries woman and Aries man are a definate passionate and explosive as well. Start with a bang and end with another type of bang.

The begining attraction is intense, the end is instantaneously the same. My experience is afterwards when both have had time to cool down, you can become friends, but do so with caution as the passion never goes away.

No matter where you are at in other relationships, the desire never goes away and you will be drawn to each other always. Be careful with Aries male. All hats off to you!!! I loved this post. It describes us Aries to a tee I unfortunately seem to attract Cancers, which ends up going down in flames They're drawn to me like a moth to a flame!

I'm not sure what type of Virgo you dated but the Sun and Mercury were dead center of Virgo the day I was born. I'm an Alpha Male and highly intelligent. I love my Aries woman more than life itself. I'm such a perfectionist that I changed my personality so it doesn't interfere with her freedom or her desire to lead in nearly all areas of life.

I allow her to charge ahead and make a mess of life while I stay behind to clean up and repair the damage she does. I learned Astrology and Numerology and read hundreds of articles on Aries women so I could figure out how to keep her happy. Now I have her heart, her mind, and her soul in the palm of my hand. She is so sexy that she fills my every desire in bed and no other zodiac sign comes close.

Don't abandon Virgo men as being compatible to Aries women, we are highly intelligent, very adaptable, and extremely competitive when we see something we want. When I saw how sexy my Aries woman could be I had to have her, best decision of my life. I met an Aries woman almost two years ago. I've had the absolute pleasure of making her friendship over the past 6 months.

I am a Capricorn. I am 38, she is I am not a flashy Capricorn, but I am very cerebral. We are both very Alpha like.

Yet she is so kind and That being said, I've never met a woman like her She is a beautiful soul.

Dating an aries female

A truly unique woman. If I have a daughter, I want her to be exactly like this kind, gorgeous, thoughtful, spiritual and just all around amazing woman.

I've never met a woman so naturally feminine. Wow, what a woman. Thank you God for giving me the pleasure of even having a woman like her in my presence Darn, l seem to scare men away. And you are spot on about us Aries from my point. And l make many friends Don't get me wrong I've met some nice potential partners but they fail as they lie or not sure what they want, and l lose interest and l may really like a man, but it's either his giving me too much attention or the one's that are not.

So l give them a couple of chances, then say how l feel and l hate that cause it seems like you begging or reprimanding. So l start to distance myself and go into the friend zone lol my mind and body shuts down of ever getting back together.

Sad but l have no time for mind games and long chases. Also, we Aries tend to have this magnetic aura that kinda draws the attention of guys and sadly, these guys are either "clearly into us but afraid to approach" or "will approach but they are the guy we hate" lol. This article was definitely dead on. I tend to always attract signs I'm the least compatible with according to some of these articles.

I'm currently in love and I mean deeply in love with a Scorpio man, he is the ultimate alpha male. Of course he has his dark side and he's said some words that has hurt me deeply, but Aries being Aries I forgive and let go. He lights up a fire in me that I never experienced before. We both burn intensely with passion and it was as instant connection, our chemistry is out of this world, so much so, sometimes we can read each other's thoughts. I would love to spend the rest of my life with this man, but now I'm not so sure.

I unfortunately have messed it up with my Scorpio man and he decided he wanted to let it go and I have been going crazy ever since. I swore this man was my soulmate and I'm not ready to let him go. I hope I can get him back, I just don't know how or where to began. Are there any Scorpio men dating Aries women? I am a taurus i have a crush on a aries girl at work I am not married and she has a boyfriend ,the attraction is intense she look me up and down all time and so jealous if I so much look at another female at work she becomes cold toward me.

Since she told me that she has a boyfriend I do not talk to her much she is not flirty but lately she flirts in front of me may be because we only say hello to each other as she has boyfriend and I am trying to respect that but she want my attention like she is addicted to it what should I do shroud I tell her how I feel I think she knows I can tell that she is very attracted to me physically could you give me some pointers I would appreciate by the way you aries woman are simply the best a man can have thank you.

Hello I'm a skinny 18 year old Scorpio who's deeply and madly in love with a 16 year old aries. She is so attractive and sexy and so perfect for me but I'm just scared that I will be a disaster for her in the future as you know how Scorpios can be.

I'm am willing to sacrifice anything for her. We don't talk everyday and we rarely meet because of our family restrictions. But we do talk every Saturday and sunday. When we do usually our conversation is always romantic and touching. She showers me with love and care during our conversation. The problem is that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I hope so.

But thoughts are running in my mind,Will she leave me , will I hurt her so bad that she will never forgive me, or will she find someone better than me in the near future and leave me. Oh god but after this information I think my doubts are getting so true. Is it real that Scorpios can be a disaster to aries Pls I need some advice over here I love this article It dosnt get better than that Im going to save this article an let a few people read it We really are not complicated people We tell people what It is upfront They just dont believe us!

My Aries is exactly the way you described it in your column and now that I know what I was doing wrong I believe that I can correctly give her what she needs as an Aries female the one thing that I am finding the hardest is actually convincing her to open the door once again so then that way I can prove that I am the right person for her, in other words a second chance if there's anyone out there that can give me some advice on how to do this I would appreciate it.

I just need help to get back in so I can prove it. Out of 5 women I've been in a relationship with, 3 of them are Aries. Last month, my aries gf and I broke up after a 4yr relationship with so many up-and-down moments. I admit that I let her down too many times with me being lazy, not giving her my full attention whenever we're together because I got addicted playing games.

And with Venus in retrogade, she felt like she had enough and finally ended it. Though, we just had our talk about what went wrong in our last relationship, she decided to give me another chance. This time, I won't repeat the same mistakes I've made. It's true that Virgos are perfectionists, but I just don't apply it in my relationships. Also, never hold back an Aries woman, give her freedom but also give her a reason to always return to you like giving her your full attention, and love her like you'll never love someone else again.

NEVER lie and cheat on her. Be dependable when she needs your help and yes, that's where I also apply my perfectionism, never did anything for her that I consider below perfect. Lol If she's mad at you, fight with her for a bit, then shower her with all your love and adoration.

Plan trips and be adventurous. Try to learn new things every now and then, she'll be fascinated by your extensive knowledge and wide array of skills. Most men will be turned off of her fiery temper, but its actually quite adorable because her anger goes away just as quickly as it came.

Oh, and be great in bed. In short, treat her like she's your queen. Because whatever your flaws are, she'll still accept you, just don't go and push her to her limits.

Because once she's fed up, its almost next to impossible to win her back. I guess I'm just lucky that she gave me another chance, maybe because she's seen me making effort to fix my negative behavior. And like she said, I've known her so well that its hard to find a replacement. So yes, Aries women are really loyal especially when they really love someone. Vastu - I hear you. I think you have a point about some Aries women "acting like men" though I think a lot of feminists may argue with you about that!

I'm very feminine - I think it probably depends on the person's moon mine is in Scorpio and ascendant mine is in Cancer. From what I have seen and discovered Aries women are not loyal.

Till the time they love you, they will be loyal once they get bored of you or find someone better they will cheat. Marriage can never be successful with Aries women because they are too career oriented.

No time for family. Since they are successful and earn more than the man, she will be too proud of hersrlf. I have seen many Aries women cheat on their husbands. They are never satisfied with one man, they always need many. I like women who do a small job but most Aries women have professional jobs in companies where they were trousers and suit.

Come on girl I hate women who act like men. I like women who are soft, sweet , caring and woman who needs you. Since Aries women are too independent that's a complete turn off for me.

I believe cancer women are the best because they are loyal and they need us. Plus they are home loving and great cooks. Aries women first of all stop acting like men. Behave like a girl. Stop wearing clothes like men at work like suit, trousers and a tie. Ha ha ha you look funny and are a complete turn off. I am a horse in Chinese, so you can guess how important my independence is to me. I am dating another Tau sun Cap moon and its been good.

But I feel something is missing and his neediness annoys me. Its like that Cap u described. I am attracted to him , but also keep wondering if I should break up with him. He's a great guy and everything, but he suffocates me every once in a while, and also I hate the fact that I am emotionally stronger than him. Great article so I hope you can help. I took an Aries on a date I'm an Aquarius and really need some insight as I am clueless about her behavior - I'll try to summarize.

She reached out to me in a dating site, we talked for about a week, opened up about parental issues we both had which we never share, and after a week I took her to dinner. Basicslly, it was incredibly obvious she was very attracted to me physically and intellectually and not to sound cocky but we are both equally attractive. She seemed to have trust issues before and I made it clear I am only interested in her So the next night over txt I asked her if she had plans a few nights later and if she like Guns N Roses, she was like omg yes I love GNR, and so I purchased 2 tickets without asking her Thought it would be a cool surprise.

Sent her a pic of the tickets I bought and basically have not heard from her since.

Don’t Date An Aries Woman Unless You Can Do These 18 Things

Essentially, she went from being supper excited to saying 'Ok I'll see if I can get someone to cover for me teaching a class that night. Basically, I have no idea what's going on and why she is ignoring my basic texts? I'm by no means blowing her up but I've never seen a girl do a like this and the concert is in 2 days. We are both mid 30s and I know she went thru a complicated divorce a yr ago they have a kid.

Any ideas or advice? As much as I have no desire to at all, those are pretty expensive tickets so if I don't hear something I'll try to find someone else to go. But I don't play games. Sorry for the lomg msg and I really hope she's not on this site to read this haha. Thanks for any insight as to her actions and what I should do.

I could have written that myself! He is 10, and he reminds me everyday of myself, a male version of me! Curious why you mentioned Taurus males would not be reading this…. I am dating an Aries Woman- Why would I not be interested in reading this??? Hi, I am a 40's something year old Aries male, and really enjoyed the post! A younger Aries female friend helped me discover who I really am, without even trying I've lived apart from my wife and kids because of practical work circumstances for about 3 years My wife wanted to separate before, but I kept on trying to make it work over and over and over again.

Yet, I now realize that I've actually internally mourned and grieved for 3 years already, without knowing it. I was not looking I have my own faults and could've done certain things better, this I know, I am a faithful person and have litterally locked myself up for 3 years.

But this younger ram woman opened my eyes and captured my heart I didn't realize it at the time, but I was already hooked. The ensuing exercise consisted out of learning as much as I can about the female RAM, and it's something I have thoroughly enjoyed thus far. It made me laugh, and laugh Now that I've encountered this incredible force of nature and many sites talking about the Aries woman will tell you that ;"I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or feel sorry for you!

There is just nothing on Gods earth I want more, and so help me I'll die trying, because she's worth it We work for the same company, both in music This month a few days from now will be the first time I see her again after making my feelings VERY clear an known, the impulsive and upfront person that I am!!

She's coming out of a major storm herself, and so seems naturally cautious at the same time I have been out of the dating game for a looong time, I feel like kid and hope I'm not going to make a fool of myself around her.

Our texts are full of fun, teasing and dare I say tension I know we Rams are supposedly easy to figure out, but THIS one is certainly playing her cards close to her chest and it drives me insane, although deliciously so at the same time! I guess if I ever had to have a question it would be: The challenge is something I thrive on, the distance makes it hard to read her at times This is in my view as equal a partner as one could ever want or get She brightens my day with a few "innocent" WhatsApp texts I so, so, SO know I can make her happy, and she me She can "give" only what she can right now in our still-only-friendship of about 2 months or so In the shortest of time she understands me more than anyone I've ever known I'm trying to keep things light and fresh Is there something there to be had??

God I hope I'm on the right path. Lots of smiles, laughter in our banter, sometimes easy 2 hours of texting She's of course incredibly gorgeous like most ram girls , spirited, outgoing, a cello player no less Oh God please help me!

If that makes sense.. I feel privileged to be her friend, I;ve told her so…. So, my final question: Im a aries women birthday april 9. While he makes me crazy he is the most stable and secure man. He balances out my craziness and helps me focus. If he read this he'd probably say that I'm his silly girl. But this is the perfect discription of an Aries woman. I'm an Aries who got out of a 10 year long relationship with a Leo.

I'm now 6 months in to a relationship with a Scorpio and it's amazing! We both need space and adventure. He says I'm the best girlfriend he's ever had. It's been tough getting him to let me in, but I know I'm the same way, so it's required patience from both sides. We both work well as a team and understand the goal we work towards.

Most of what you said is very accurate. I'm a Tom boy, I like getting dirty, trying new things, I've dated every sign except Aries, and Virgo. I'm a jealous vindictive girlfriend, when I feel threatened. Otherwise I'm to a tee of your experience. Thanks really enjoyed your post. We are not judgmental but if you are a Capricorn or Scorpio forget about it and nothing bugs us more than stay at home moms who pop out kids. You have to do this, you have to do that, we like real men not feminine, be assertive, we'll pay for ourselves but you have to pay, compliments cover a multitude of sins but we want you tell us we're girly even if we don't thinks so, we're impatient but don't rush us.

Ok ok, If I read this a couple years ago and actually believed it then I would definitely pass on dating an Aries woman - sound way too complicated for my hectic and busy life.

Fortunately for me I didn't read it and don't believe in stereotyping people based on when they were born and am now engaged to one of your kind. But was definitely a fun read!

Guess im the first Leo.. I was approached by a gorgeous, sweet Aries.. But i do miss her.. I have this uncanny ability to care so much, maybe even to much and i have a large heart.. I sincerely hope we withstand the test of time, id like that. It's been four months now. We are both completely and totally in love with each other. This is the best relationship either of us has ever had.

Im constant with doing the little things. I open the car door for her. I buy her flowers every week. I pay for dinner when we go out. There are times she insists and I let her. Aries are easy to read. They are usually telling you straight forward what they want. I interject my point of view if I think it's needed She sees reason and is able to adapt her point of view. We communicate very well and always come to a desire able outcome for both of us. There are times I can see she wants to take the lead and I just let her go.

She is a smart, intelligent and independent woman sometimes to her own detriment. She often acts first and thinks about reprocussions when it's to late. That's where I come in. I'm a very forward thinker. So me pointing out the possibilities to her has become a benefit for her. Our passion for each other is boundless.

We have both taken our sex life to an utterly out of this world level. We are both eager to please, willing to explore and feed off of each other's pleasure.

We can not get enough of each other. She has brought to my life that which I was looking for. A woman who would energize my life. For her I am a strong capable man who is caring, loving and attentive. What we have is what everybody is looking for That one person that just makes being with them so easy. It took me 50 yeas to find her. I'll do whatever it takes to keep her.

I am a cusp Pisces and just started dating a much younger Aries lady. I loved everything I read here. If all that has been said about Aries ladies is true, I'm in. I love independent woman who can be affectionate, are driven but not rude, enjoy competing and can win some times! We've had our third date and now are going on a fourth. I love the statement, "if she didn't want to be with you, she wouldn't be there". Right now that is really all I need to know.

I would describe myself in the same terms. There are a few of us around. To all above, great article and feedback! Oh my god this is spot on!!! I dated a cancer in high school.

Then I married and divorced two other Cancers! Neither worked they couldn't keep up with me on any level and were very sensitive and not motivated enough. Met a guy recently and asked him his sign, Cancer!

I've been seeing a Virgo for about a year. We have a love hate relationship. It's super sexy but annoying all at the same time. I've never been more addicted to someone but it doesn't work. Holy cow these comments are so exact, he is frustrating to no end, he always beats around the bush as someone mentioned above.

And the article is so true we can just sniff out the lies and deception. Why can't people virgos just be upfront and honest? Then I dated a Capricorn it felt sluggish like a slow chemistry hard to explain. But I'm currently dating a Pisces and I was weary of water signs because they always put out my fire but this one is amazing! He calms me but it's not off putting because he really supports my endeavors and energy!

He's super funny which is great because I love to laugh a lot! He's very assertive as the article mentions. Hmmm so curious if this Pisces will be the right match: I've discovered that dating an Aries man is a disaster as he tends to be too temperamental for my liking.

There's always a drama involved in dating an Aries man. Also, I think an Aries man is too much of na alpha male, and an Aries woman is a strong alpha female, so the two strong personalities tend to clash. On the other hand, dating an Aquarius man is a dream come ture. In fact, I married one. They are calm, intelligent, dynamic and vitty.

They also have a great ability to calm an Aries woman down when she's nervous or even histerical. An Aquarius man will give an Aries woman enough space for her to breath and to express her individuality. He will also let her feminist side bloom in the best possible way - an Aquarius man is a gentleman, and he is confident enough not to be intimidated by her individuality.

Being a cap, I can be a little slow at initiating sex even though I want it really bad because I'm thinking about when is the time right to make the move. I love my aries woman. She just comes right out and says " let's go to bed" this one action takes away all the pressure I have built up in my mind. In bed, I have not had better but in her words, either has she.

I am by no means a selfish lover, and take great pride, being a cap, in pleasing my fiery queen. We both know what we like and are able to relate that to the other either in words or reactions. It's also different at times. It's a blend of my slow, sensual cap passion and her exploration of the different which I willingly follow and constant desire.

In the end it's complete body and mind satisfaction. If you are a cap male, leave most, not all, of your need to dominate. It will pay dividends. Update on my 43 year old aries. Thanks to everything I've read we are now dating. I find her full of energy and exciting. Im hoping she will help me change the boring side of myself.

We are very open and honest with each other. It's nice to be with someone who is in touch with their feeling and is able to articulate them. It's also true she doesn't get suttlies or innuendo. Its much more direct conversation which is nice but takes some of the playfulness out of it for now.

I'll figure out how to keep it fun.

ARIES RELATIONSHIPS: it's a fairytale!

I think we have potential but it's really on me to keep her interested. She's just what I needed to to jump start what was becoming a boring life. I'm a 50 cap male. I started dating a 35 Aries.

We got along right from the start. Long ittelectual conversations we exercised together I don't know until how competitive she was being as we ran on the treadmill. Then I had a family trama that got really emotional for about a month. It was never the same after that. She distanced herself and then just cut me off. It was heart breaking and she seemed so indifferent about it. But I've moved on. Just got back from a date with a 43 year old. She has good energyand I like that and want that for myself.

I don't want to a slow cap. So I'm willing to be open to changing. I just don't know if I keep this to myself, share it with her or just step up my game. I've read most blogs out there and they all same I'm doomed.

But they don't say why. But I love a good challenge and I'm willing to break my own heart to try to succeed. One thing I did learn is keep my emotions to myself I'm already a mans man but us caps have an emotions side that normally works well with other signs. Any straight forward advise on what the problems with caps is.

Intellectually and no longer emotionally engaged. Don't be clingy but show a continued interest I think. That's a tough one to know what's enough but not too much. I'll send her a good morning text, one at lunch then maybe a smiley later and then in the evening.

It's interesting, I meet a lot of Virgos, Sags, and Aries. My experiences with them have been nothing short of frustration and distrust. I'm a straight shooter, despise phony and liars. You would think that these signs would be a great match. Not true in my case. I'm a very secure person and find them to be insecure and whiners. They talk a lot of smack about ppl, including their own family members and that sends a red flag for me to keep my mouth shut and not open up to them.

They beat around the bush "Virgos" being the worst and can never keep a promise. Let me make it clear, I'm speaking from my experience only and not bashing all of them.

I am a Gemini, in love with an Aries woman born April 4th just like you. She is so amazing and I try to impress her and make her happy. I want her to feel like the luckiest and happiest woman in the world when she is with me, but the problem is she doesn't pay that much attention to me.

She is currently in love with a virgo and I feel heart broken maybe I should just give up. We are a much better match for each other and always have fun together. I just wish she would see that. I'm Scorpio and I've personally experienced the relationship between those two signs as if they were made in heaven.

But that doesn't make me stop from trying - Especially not, if this is my one and only dream and always was. A lot of what you said with Virgo male, I have found to be true also. I had live with two different ones, at different times. I will have to say, I have found , that Virgo men are quite emotional! What do you think? To me, It was like they got more Estrogen.

I think that All Aries that I know me being one myself are Very family oriented. We love ourselves as well as our family and loved ones. I seem to only attract water signs. It drives my crazy but just recently I became friends with a male Aries and we are perfect together.

The Aries Woman

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this: I agree with it for the most part. It's true we are assertive sometimes. We only get aggressive with mean hater type people! It was interesting to find out that Sagittarius is our best match for a date or life partner. We are take charge people with A lot of energy, loves excitement and fun All in all good assessment but we're a little bit sweeter than you might think: Sometimes the tough act you see is just an act Patience isn't the word.

I love that it's written from your personal experiences. I love that you call us out by saying if you're reading this you're probably an Aries woman.. Although we are a crazy bunch, I would not ever want to be any other sign. Aries women like things to be straight forward and dealt with while the Cancer man disappears into his shell instead of dealing with the issue proactively. That's my experience after dating 5 of them in a row!!

Glad to have broken that cycle.. My lab partner is an Aries. She suggested I do the Tango as a project. No way I say and the professor thinks it's a great idea. The Aries then proceeds to inviting me over to her place to learn.

Now I'm realizing she planned this successfully. After reading this blog I shall dance and leave. Seems Scorpios are always the problem according to you Aries ladies. I'll take your word for it I find is so weird that i don't really come across to many aries dating aries. I am and aries male and I been talking to an aries female for about 2 months now we haven't made anything official yet but I have asked if she like me and she wants to see what things go with us.

I love talking to her. It kind of makes up day worth while at times. I show her I care and send her surprise flowers and I love it when things I do it puts a smile on her face because if make me happy to see her smiling but for some reason she doesn't show much affection and that really confuses me and make me think is she interested at time.

I adore this women and really want things to work out between us any advice from me aries ladies please help and Aries man out lol thanks much. Lady Gaga - my discription on her is spot on trust me. And what part of the the trying to be better than a man did you not get? I have absolutely no complaining when the opposite sex does the job so to speak.

But as I wrote she rams her car into anything - still she is shouting that she drive better than - well the rest of what's on the street. And when she make a dent or whatever she always blaim everyone else - and gets really upset when confronted with it. It seems like you didn't actually read what I wrote. But - lets just leave it. I was trying to contribute to this thread by telling how my experience with an aries woman is - and no - I certainly don't hope - nor do I believe that most aries women are like this.


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